Marta Zalewska

Marta Zalewska - vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Marta studied the violin at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, and has been awarded various prizes in both national and international vocal and violin competitions. She has collaborated with numerous artists including Kayah, Grzech Piotrowski, Krystyna Prońko and Marcin Styczeń as well as early music ensembles Canor Anticus and Ars Nova.

Marta performs in Poland as well as abroad, including appearances on prestigious tv shows such as Gala Mistrzów Sportu 2015 where she presented her original songs alongside visuals and choreography created especially for the occassion. This was the first time that such a multimedia show took place in Poland.

In 2016 her song "Skrzydła" received an award in a competition organised by Narodowe Centrum Polskiej Piosenki in Opole - thanks to which Marta became a representative of Opole city at Debiuty 53 KFPP music festival in Opole. That same year she co-hosted the music tv show "Hit Hit Hurra!" with Artur Orzech on the TVP1 channel of Polish television.

Beginning In May 2018 she will perform the role of 'Reza' in the newest premiere of "Once", the award-winning hit Broadway musical at Warsaw's ROMA Theatre.

From a very young age, Marta has been fascinated by 1960's and the hippie movement. She has rather broad musical interests but on her upcoming debut album you may indeed notice the influence of Marta's favorite flower-power era artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Spencer Davis Group and Blood, Sweat & Tears.